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Science in Sport Go Isotonic Energy Gel

Science in Sport, leaders in sports nutrition, introduce the world’s first isotonic energy gel.

Go Energy Plus Caffeine Gels - SAVE 10%

Go Energy Plus Caffeine Gel, based on Go Gel technology supercharged with Caffeine - Double Espresso flavour with 150mg caffeine now in stock . .

PowerGel Hydro Gel

POWERGELS® HYDRO are very convenient during sport, especially running, because they are easy to swallow without additional water and deliver a scientifically developed combination of different carbohydrate sources.

PowerGel - SAVE 20%

Light and convenient to carry each Powerbar PowerGel™ pouch contains more than 110 kcal . . .

Science in Sport Go Electrolyte

From Science in Sport, GO has essential electrolytes for rapid rehydration...

Science in Sport Go Bars (Now 20% off RRP)

GO BAR is a nutritious high energy snack bar ideal for athletes and active people.

Science in Sport Go Energy

Science In Sport's Go Energy is the complex carbohydrate energy fuel for high-energy performance.

SIS Intro-Pack Bottle 600ml (Now 20% off RRP!)

What's the secret to training harder, racing faster and recovering quicker?

PowerBar Energize Bar - Save 10%

Energize bars are a great choice before and during sport...

PowerBar Ride Bar (Save 10%)

RIDE Great tasting sports bar with added magnesium...


PowerGel Shots (10% Off)

PowerGel Shots energy chews are a great portionable alternative to gels. . .

PowerBar ISOACTIVE Sports Drink

Isotonic Sports Drink for maximum hydration, available in three flavours; Red Fruit Punch. . .

High5 Energy Gel

Natural real juice EnergyGel that’s not thick or sweet...

SIS Go Energy + Electrolyte Gels - SAVE 10%

The new Science in Sport Go energy gel with added electrolytes has been designed to help you maintain performance during...

High5 Energy Gel Caffeine

Natural real juice EnergyGel that’s not thick or sweet. With caffeine...

High5 Energy Drink Range

Advanced 2:1 fructose sports drink for general training & racing…

High5 Zero Caffeine Hit

Zero calorie electrolyte sports drink tabs with caffeine

High5 Energy Gel Aqua

Energy Gel Aqua - Natural real juice carbohydrate gel where you don’t need to drink extra water...

Energy Source X'treme

EnergySource X’treme - Advanced 2:1 Fructose sports drink
with a HIGH caffeine content...

High5 Energy Drink with Protein

ALL IN ONE sports drink for use during and after exercise. With whey protein and carbohydrate.…

Energy Bar

H5 Energy bars are full of vital nutrients to replace those depleted through hard exercise . . .

High5 Energy Bar

Energy Bar is an easy to chew, great tasting bar filled with real fruits and grains to provide you with both simple and complex carbohydrates during exercise or throughout the day.

GU Energy Gel

Launched in 1991, GU's patented carbohydrate blend delivers high-quality Energy Gel . . .

Isostar Hydrate & Perform

Isostar Hydrate & Perform Sports drink - specially formulated to improve sporting performance...


When it comes to feeding your body, nothing beats real food...

Clif Shot Bloks - Energy Chews


Shot Bloks are the no mess, no fuss way to get a burst of energy to get you through a ride.


Jelly Belly - Sport Beans

Portable Power at your fingertips!

Trek Energy Bars

New! 100% Natural TREK Energy are Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free, 1 of your 5 a Day and Vegan friendly...

Trek Protein Flapjacks

NEW and improved range of traditional British flapjacks are now made with gluten-free oats and packed with protein...

Accel Gel

ACCEL GEL is the only sports gel that contains the patented 4:1...


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