PowerBar Protein Plus Bar (Save 20%)
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Protein Plus Bar RRP: £2.00

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Protein Plus Bar
As a competitive athlete you constantly set yourself ambitious goals and don’t accept any compromises on the journey to reach them.
Recovery, along with energy supply and hydration, is key to reaching your potential. After intense training or gym sessions your muscles need to repair in order to grow and they need their “building block” of protein for this to happen.

PROTEIN PLUS 30% bars are the right choice to consume after exercise to deliver a high amount of great tasting premium quality protein.

Trisource Protein, which is a special mix of casein, whey and soy protein.
Protein supports muscle growth and maintenance free from collagen protein and aspartame
Delicious taste – fluffy texture

Available in 6 and mixed box flavours;

- Vanilla / Coconut - Chocolate - Caramel Vanilla Crisp - Cappuccino caramel crisp, Lemon Cheese cake, Jaffa Orange


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