Nuun Vitamins - For Daily Health, Wellness and Hydration

Nuun Vitamins - For Daily Health, Wellness and Hydration
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VITAMINS for daily health, wellness and hydration.

Electrolytes aren’t just for exercise.

Hydrates better than water alone whether you are at home, work or on the go.

Nuun Vitamins is an effervescent tablet with vitamins and electrolytes - just dissolve in water and hydrate!




Why Choose Vitamins?


• Clean plant based ingredients

• 11 vitamins and minerals

• Electrolytes for hydration

• No artificial sweeteners

• Refreshing flavours

• Certified gluten free & vegan

• Soy & dairy free


Each Nuun Vitamins tablet contains:


• Vitamin E: antioxidant, helps mitigate the production of free radicals

• Vitamin C: antioxidant, aids in healthy immune system

• Vitamin A: antioxidant support

• Sugar: used to facilitate vitamin & mineral absorption

• Stevia leaf extract: zero calorie, plant based sweetener

• Sodium: electrolyte, lost through sweat

• Rice concentrate: prevents any clumping in the production of tablets

• Riboflavin: b vitamin used as coloring agent

• Potassium: electrolyte, maintains total body fluid volume

• Natural flavors: fruit oils/powder naturally extracted from source

• Magnesium: electrolytes, plays role in muscle function

• Folic acid: b vitamin, used for energy metabolism

• Citric acid: plays a critical role in effervescence

• Calcium: electrolytes, plays role in muscle/bone health

• Beet juice powder: used for color

• Avocado oil: clean, plant based oil used in production

• Some flavors contain 40mg of caffeine from green tea extract

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