Science In Sport

Science In Sport

Science in Sport are an innovative British company producing sports nutrition products designed for those undergoing rigorous athletic training.

Born out of passion in 1992, Science in Sport have now gained the credibility through their brand’s authenticity being recognised as the world leader in sports nutrition. SiS evokes the desire of performance excellence, focussing on the needs of athletes, where a fraction of a second can stand between success and failure and one performance can change the world, each of our products have a core function to energise, hydrate, recover and enhance Sports men & women.

We stock the full range of SIS products including GO Isotonic Energy Gels, GO Electrolyte, GO Energy and Rego Recovery Protein drinks and bars.

Science in Sport Go Isotonic Energy Gel

Science in Sport, leaders in sports nutrition, introduce the world’s first isotonic energy gel.

Science in Sport Go Electrolyte

From Science in Sport, GO has essential electrolytes for rapid rehydration...

Science in Sport Go Bars

GO BAR is a nutritious high energy snack bar ideal for athletes and active people.

SiS Drinks Bottles

Science in Sport are an innovative British company producing sports nutrition products ...

SIS Go Energy + Electrolyte Gels - SAVE 10%

The new Science in Sport Go energy gel with added electrolytes has been designed to help you maintain performance during...


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