Phiten products are suitable for everyone and are used by top level athletes and sports personalities.

All of Phiten products are based on the same concept: by incorporating titanium, or another suitable metal, that has been processed in a special way (the details of the processing technique itself are a closely guarded secret), the products aim to help maintain the body's natural state of balance, which is easily disrupted by today's busy lifestyle. In so doing, they can help to encourage optimum performance.

The reactions of people that use phiten products are overwhelmingly positive. Feedback has indicated that they feel more relaxed, more energetic and calmer, in addition to having a greater sense of wellbeing.


Phiten Metax Tape Discs Pack of 50

The new Phiten METAX technology is based on new material and technology mix that combines..

Phiten Power Tape Discs - Pack of 70

Phiten Titanium Tape Discs are the go-to product for active people around the globe..

Phiten Power X30 Tape Pack of 50 Discs

Phiten Titanium Tape X30 Discs contain a higher concentration of AQUA TITANIUM..


The Phiten Titanium Tape Roll is the athletic tape of choice from therapists, home..


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