Hypotonic, Isotonic & Hypertonic Drinks


These terms describe the relative concentration of the drink. The best way to compare the concentration of drinks is to look at the number of dissolved molecules.

Hypotonic Drinks

Contains less molecules in solution that body fluids. Science in Sport products are designed to be used at hypotonic concentrations.

Isotonic solutions

Contains approximately the same number of molecules in solution as body fluids. The relative concentration of body fluids varies between individuals and according to their hydration status. Isotonic solutions are unlikely to be in exact balance with each individual.

Hypertonic solutions

Contain more molecules in solution than body fluids. Hypertonic solutions tend to be heavy on the stomach and empty very slowly. Simple sugar solutions are hypertonic over 6% solution and most pops and sodas are 15-18% simple sugar solutions. Some hypotonic solutions can breakdown to hypertonic solutions when ingested.

information provided by scienceinsport.com



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